My mini getaway to San Francisco was amazing to say the least. Nothing beats exploring a cultured city's eateries, sights, and sounds with some of your best friends. We arrived at our airport, all of us running on little to zero hours of sleep. Me being forever alone, my ticket placed me away from Dave and Lene who sat next to eachother. When I attempted to switch my seat, the mean asian lady simply said "No. It aisle seat." Either way the hour long flight was perfect for a power nap so I was fine the rest of the day.

thrifted cardigan: $2, thrift ed loose tee: $2, foreign exchange drop crotch leggings: $10, stone necklace: gift, hat: $1, thrifted purse: $2, H by Halston sandles: $65. total: $82

Last minute disposing of our products over 3 oz. to avoid a $25 bag check fee

I love those handy dandy little garters that seem to accompany all those 90s floral rompers. Used it to cinch a loose tee for more dimension. You can see a better draping effect in this picture:
Lalene's blogger friend Miss Kathleen of Inspirifashion was so kind to meet up with us and take us shopping around Union Square. I loved her, not only does she have awesome style but she has Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat" memorized and is down to get drunk and belt it out at a karaoke bar with us. Challenge accepted. ;)

all amazing photos by Dave

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Despina T. said...

Lovely outfit dear!u look so cool and stylish :)