DEC 28

ticket booked.
one way.
the only way. a new way.
a new chapter. a new life. 
a new york.
a sharp tingle creeps up my body, beginning at my toes.
jumping off the edge of the cliff is never easy.
nervous excitement.
lingering sadness. a farewell.
a warm hello.

On December 28, 2014 at 6:50am, I will depart LAX for JFK with no return flight. So many emotions have been stirred up that I didn't know were inside me until tonight. Feelings of excitement have been around since I've made the decision, but now it is coupled with sadness, fear, anxiety, excitement, hope, and most of all love. Love for the city which first took my heart when I first visited at 17. Love for the man of my dreams who is more than anything I could ever manifest. Love for my friends already on the East Coast and love for ones who I haven't met yet. Love for the ones I am not saying 'goodbye' to, but 'see you soon'. 

Rose-Lynn Fisher is a photographer whose project Typography of Tears showcases microscopic photos of dried human tears from varied emotions.

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